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Sun Arcs, Dogs and Approaching Storm Front Dec. 22, 2016

December 22, 2016 was another day full of sun arcs and sundogs. If you were outside you may have seen a full 22 degree halo with sundogs flaring along the parhelion arc. If you were […]

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Sunrise, Halo and Bird, Sunset December 21, 2016

December 21, 2016 started out with a pastel sunrise followed by a morning sun halo. As the camera was recording the event a bird decided the GoPro was a great perch to launch his bird […]

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Sunrise, arcs & Crepuscular ray timelapse 12/03/16

The sunrise this morning out here in the country started out slow. As the sun rose a halo with sundogs appeared on and off. The surprise though came in the Crepuscular ray show, It was […]

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Sundogs, Iridescent Clouds, Halos and More

November 21, 2016 started out cold and crisp with a clear sky. As the morning wore on thin wisps of Cirrus clouds crossed the sky. As they crossed near the sun the show began. A […]

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Approaching Cold Front November 18, 2016 Update

After this morning’s beautiful sunrise I decided to run the camera out in the hay field. The weather liar was mentioning something about a cold front coming in with a drop of around 40 degrees […]

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Fire Wisps, Halos and a Sunset November 17, 2016

November 17, 2016 was a day for sundogs, halos, arcs and fire wisps. As the sun was setting a double sundog sunset was visible low on the horizon. The day ended with a subtle sunset […]

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