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Happy New Year 2017 Sunset Timelapse

Happy New Year 2017

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Wisps of Fire Sunset December 30, 2016

As December 30th 2016 winds down the sky is slashed with jet contrails as travelers race to their destinations. As the sun gets closer to the horizon the sky is filled with shades of golden […]

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Sunrise, Halo and Bird, Sunset December 21, 2016

December 21, 2016 started out with a pastel sunrise followed by a morning sun halo. As the camera was recording the event a bird decided the GoPro was a great perch to launch his bird […]

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Waves of Fire Sunset December 20, 2016

A timelpase of tonight’s country sunset. As the suns slips past the horizon waves of gold turn to orange and then to a brilliant smoky red bed of embers.  If you like this then comment […]

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Flaming Sky Sunset December 05 2016

Seething embers, roiling smoky waves of fire describes tonight’s sunset out here in the country. Enjoy the photos and the timelapse video. Tonight I decided to use that fancy new Lensbaby Velvet 56 on the […]

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Country Sunset December 01, 2016

Tonight’s country sunset was sublime and subtle. Faint Crepuscular rays fan the sky as the colors warm up from white to gold to reds and oranges. The air was brisk as the sun sets on […]

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Sundogs, Iridescent Clouds, Halos and More

November 21, 2016 started out cold and crisp with a clear sky. As the morning wore on thin wisps of Cirrus clouds crossed the sky. As they crossed near the sun the show began. A […]

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Sunset November 16 2016 Timelapse

Tonight’s country sunset was rather subtle and quiet with thin wisps of Cirrus clouds here and there. After it set there was a rather interesting red glow streaming up from the horizon as the Geese […]

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