Infrared Photography Class

Infrared Photography Class, Hermann MO an overview

Infrared photography reveals the world in a way that no other technique can. What is not normally seen comes to life. Color all but disappears. What was dark in our world may all of a sudden appear a bright white in the infrared world. Skies become an inky blue black while details in the clouds come to life, the cool clear waters become dark, almost foreboding. The scene is eerie and covered in an alien like blizzard.

Infrared Photography Class (15).jpgCourtHouse.JPGInfrared Photography Class (9).jpgGhostAmtrak.JPGGhostAmtrak1.JPGWe3Barges.JPGGhostPlane.JPGPacificGhost.JPGInfrared Photography Class (10).jpgPacificGhost1.JPGInfrared Photography Class (4).jpgPacificGhost2.JPGInfrared Photography Class (2).jpgTracks.JPGInfrared Photography Class (11).jpgInfrared Photography Class (12).jpgInfrared Photography Class (13).jpgInfrared Photography Class (1).jpgInfrared Photography Class (8).jpgInfrared Photography Class (14).jpgInfrared Photography Class (3).jpgInfrared Photography Class (16).jpgInfrared Photography Class (5).jpgInfrared Photography Class (7).jpgInfrared Photography Class (6).jpg

In this class I will show you everything you need to know to capture the world as seen in the invisible infrared spectrum. We’ll go over the initial camera settings including, custom white balance, ISO, aperture and shutter settings that are necessary for color infrared photography. We’ll discuss infrared filters and how they work. From there we will setup in various locations and begin to take photos. I’ll show you how to manually focus your camera to get razor sharp images along with some tips and tricks to keep the purple fringing and halos from ruining your images. As the class progresses I’ll demonstrate and then guide you on what to look for in the initial images you take to tell if they will post process well and what settings to change to correct any issues. Once we are finished in the field the class will end with a concise demonstration and tutorial on how to convert the images that you, the student, just took in both color and B&W on a laptop computer.

At the end of the day you won’t be wondering how I take these images. Instead you’ll be taking them yourself!

Each student will go home with a “cheat sheet” that covers everything discussed in the class for future reference if need be.

What you’ll need and the cost of the Infrared Photography Class

For the Infrared Photography Class you will need a DSLR that can be run manually, including focus, that’s IR sensitive (see below!), a Hoya R72 infrared filter that fits your lens and a tripod

This class is a day long event and will be held in scenic Hermann Missouri.

The cost per student is $200.00 with an initial deposit of $75.00 to be put on the schedule with the balance being paid one week before the class date. If you wish you can pay for the class in full as well. Let me know which payment method you prefer when signing up.

Available dates are May 1 and May 15, 2016. Class size is limited to 6 per class. Reserve your space early.

Time and starting location

The Infrared Photography Class will begin at 10 AM at the Hermann Riverfront Park. From there we will go to several other scenic locations in and around town. Class duration is approximately 8 hours in length.


Before you sign up!

There is a test that you can do to see if your camera is sensitive enough for this class. What you do is take your TV remote into a low lit room. Aim your remote right down the camera lens while holding a channel change button. Take a picture. You will not see the little emitter light up but with any luck your camera will and you should see something like this. The diode/s will glow purple or a bluish white. If so you’re good to go.


Reservation Form

Use the form below to contact me about reserving your spot in the Infrared Photography Class. I will send you an invoice for the initial deposit and once paid your spot is reserved. Be sure to mention what date you prefer.