The Story of Stormy Sky Photo

A little bit about Stormy Sky Photo’s owner and senior photographer

My name is Karl and I’m the owner/lead photographer of Stormy Sky Photo. I’m a well regarded, gallery represented, award winning freelance and for hire photographer. I have been published in magazines, newspapers, print ads and websites around the world. Over the years my images have been used by the big three broadcasting companies. I’m a regular contributor to our local CBS affiliate, KRCG 13.

I like to describe myself as a photojournalist more than anything else. By that I mean I take photos of people, places, things and events as they happen. Stormy Sky Photo It doesn’t matter to me if it’s raining or snowing, inside or outside, at night or in the middle of the day. Plain and simply it’s all about getting the shot. To say that I know a thing or two about ambient light and how to manipulate it to get the desired results would be an understatement. After all photography is the art of capturing light. Once one has a thorough understanding of light the rest is “easy” so to speak. I say that with a grain of salt because after running around with some kind of camera for 40 years I’m still learning new ways of doing things. Photography really is a life long adventure.

I’m available for everything from simple impromptu portraits all the way up to on location fashion shoots. I use both digital and film cameras with equal ease and it’s up to the client on which way they would like to go. Specific genres would include all forms of advertising shoots, formal and informal portraiture, glamour and fashion, live events such as concerts, classic boudoir and weddings. Basically whatever you would like to do myself and staff can deliver exceptional images for whatever project you have in mind.

Enjoy my articles and images. If you have a need for quality photography, stock photos, creatives or limited use image licensing don’t hesitate to contact us